Friday, 31 August 2012


From our magazines, online shopping and now tv screens...Miss Lilah P is slowly but surely taking over the world...or at least it feels that way to us!
We spotted our little stunner on sporting some super chic wearable looks for Autumn.... get in there quick if any of this lot takes you fancy...we all know how quickly clothes sell out when worn by a celebrity!


We're rather excited here at Profile HQ....not only is it Friday but we have a weekend of festival scouting ahead of us thanks to our friends at FIJI water and iTunes festival...
Team Profile will be out in force scouting at Usher and Ed Sheeran this weekend, as always on the hunt for the face of the future...
So again, mega thanks to the hydrating heroes at FIJI....WE'LL SEE YOU THERE (and we promise we will be on the water and not the cider!).


 You can tell its getting close to fashion week...we're almost too busy to Blog, forgive our silence yesterday....two words...SHOW CARDS!
We hope we can make it up to you with this fabulous story from super trendy IDOL magazine featuring not one, not two but THREE Profile new faces, taking on the legendary roles of Charlies Angels. Seventies styling, bouncy blow dries and a splash of nudity...whats not to love!? Forget Cameron, Drew and Lucy...its all about April, Joanna and Amy..

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Its been said enough times but it really is any model will tell you...the biggest beauty tip out there is very simple...DRINK MORE WATER!
AND if the water is super cute, a celeb favourite and sustainably sourced, even better!! Here at Profile we are all mega fans of FIJI water....and so are our models who are never without their handbag sized mini bottles...a casting essential.
Just in case our friends at FIJI were not cool enough they are working with iTunes festival this year and have some tickets to give away (we have entered multiple times already...)....


We ain't sayin shes a gold digger....but my my how hot does Michaela look in this glossy beauty story for Volt Cafe?! Shot by Jenny Brough, our gilded goddess has done us proud yet again!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hah sorry...we know it doesnt feature our gorgeous girlie Lilah (star of this new ITV2 reality show)....but we just had to share this hilarious trailor for Top Dog Model.... with doggy diva's like this we may not be opening up a dog division here at Profile HQ!


After weeks of hints and speculation we can finally reveal what our resident super model, Miss Lilah Parsons has been up to... Looks like we have a new celebrity TV star on our books as the lovely Lilah is set to star in the latest reality show offering from ITV2...wait for it.... Top Dog Model (well come on...being Lilah it was never going to be something boring and ordinary!). The show launches next Wednesday night (so reserve your spot on the sofa and set you tv to RECORD SERIES) and we can hardly wait...we know our girl is going to be fab and on a serious note, with her years of experience, impressive body of work and eye for talent she will make an excellent judge. Here's a little interview with the girl herself to get you in the mood!
 Lilah in a fabulous French Connection dress
Are you excited about your role on the judging panel?
I am so excited, I think it is a great opportunity and it is so fun, I have been having such a good time.
Do you own a dog yourself?
Yes, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Betty. At first I thought that she would win if she was in the show, but then the more the competition continues I realise the dogs have to do a bit more than just look pretty.
What’s the best thing you have seen from the dogs so far?
I don’t know where to start, it’s just been amazing, the things we have seen the dogs do, they have painted, done yoga and swam just to name a few.
What are you looking for from the dogs?
I think the winner needs to be more than just an all round model. I think it needs to be a dog that makes you get excited and makes you stop and stare, and when you see a picture of that dog, you look at it and say ‘wow’.
How has the standard been for talent?
It’s been really good, we did see some amazing tricks in the auditions. Sometimes the dogs and owners were worried more about the tricks than the dog looking like a model. This is a modelling competition and they need to have the behaviour of a model and that is the goal at the end of the day. We saw people in the auditions bringing dogs on skateboards and playing the piano but then they didn’t photograph very well. That was hard because we felt so bad because we didn’t really feel like they were right for our competition.
What’s been the highlight so far when you have been filming?
The underwater swimming was just hilarious but I loved the television advertsiment challenge. When I heard they were doing a tv ad I just thought this is going to be a disaster, I just couldn’t imagine it but I laughed so much. Each dog had to play a character and it was all about the way the dog looked at the camera and how they interacted with the actress. The challenges are pretty difficult and testing for the dogs and a lot of the things are harder than you would imagine.
What’s it been like working with Stacey and Addison?
Oh it’s been great, we all get on so well. We all met on the first day and we have just been laughing ever since.

Friday, 24 August 2012


 ASOS gotta new babe on the site...and its our very own Aimee! Lunchtime online shopping is always more enjoyable when buying off one of our girlies!


 We just cant get enough of our blonde bombshell HOT does she look in this recent shoot by Hanna Hillier?! Switching from sleek and classy to sexy grunge, our budding supermodel is showing just how versatile she can be!



Team Profile could not help but giggle over this super cute commercial for AXE featuring the gorgeous (AND FIT!) Katie K! Honestly we're not sure where that athletes body came from, clearly the Olympics is having an effect on this ladys fitness routine! All we can say is its a gold medal from us!


Elin Amos looks the picture of casual Autumnal perfection is these latest shots from Sessun's A/W 12 lookbook...

Thursday, 23 August 2012


 Editorial queen Alyona strikes again! Honestly we cant keep up with latest wave of shoots coming in from this little super model...check out her latest offering!


Look who's in town for the day! Our resident superstar Marieke is in London on a day of castings with a bit of a spring in her step due to some rather spectacular GCSE results.....
Who says models are just a pretty face?


Bold and beautiful indeed...our very own Michaela graces the cover of last weeks S Magazine! Sporting some colour popping Summer make up trends, this beach ready beauty makes one hell of a cover girl!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


 Its always exciting to see a new face when shes been away for a while...and boy did our jaws drop when the STUNNING Georgia D walked back in to Profile HQ following a stint in Australia... Clearly going down under has done this beauty a world of good. Starting full time in September we expect big things...


We told you that team Profile would still be hard at work over the Summer weeks...and here's proof! Three very different yet equally stunning newbies have joined our model army, all Brit girls and ready to Max, Zoe and Ella H!
 Max, 18, Essex
 Zoe, 15, London

Ella H, 16, originally from London now based in Germany


We're floating away in a pastel daydream after seeing these dreamy shots of the stunning Jutta, shot by Eleanor Hardwick for Bullett magazine.... kid in a candy store meets grannies wardrobe, love it!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Why not start off the new Season with a bit of high fashion editorial? Check out the mesmorising Jessica P in the latest Italian Vogue, shot by the one and only Emma Summerton... brolly..check, fur coat...check, leather gloves...check......bring on those Autumn looks!


Thats right bloggers...we're back! Seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye for the holidays.... yet here we are, back at our desks and ready for the start of the coming Season... Fashion week is fast approaching so its show packs, walking lessons and schedules first on the agenda! Keep posted for what you've missed out on over the past 2 weeks...we may have been relaxing but our girls have still been hard at work!

Check out Katie K on a weekend mini break in the coutryside...taken by our very own Lilah Parsons

Friday, 3 August 2012


Too much work, and no vacation,
Deserves at least a small libation.
So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses,
Work's the curse of the drinking classes.
~Oscar Wilde
Right Bloggers....yes thats right its time for a little social media holiday (even we need a break from technology!)...but DONT WORRY we will be back in a couple of weeks with plenty of Profile updates and dare we say it..looking ahead to fashion week eek! On a serious note the agency is still open *cue bookers moan*, working on lots more jobs for us to blog about when we return. So have a lovely Summer everyone... I think we deserve it.

MORE MODELS ABROAD we're really jealous! We thought this was a behind the scenes shot from some glamorous location shoot...but no its just another snap of a Profile model on holiday. That bathing beauty is our very own Gemma Janes, doing some serious relaxing in Kefalonia, Greece.... wish you were here?


Where were you scouted?
I was scouted in 2010 at Reading Festival and at the time I was eating chips with face paint on and ketchup around my mouth – not a good look!
Favourite thing about London?
I love the amount of sushi available, visiting a sushi bar is my favourite thing! I also love the underground; it gets you anywhere you need to be.
Modelling dream?
To work on a big campaign in a high end fashion magazine
Model you most admire?
There are so many models I admire and look up too but one of my favourites would be Emma McLaren as I really love her original look.
Describe your off duty look
My off duty look is pretty basic, I usually stick to comfort and wear my favourite pair of black skinny jeans with my white vans.
Ideal day off:
Having a long lie in, and usually going to the river to meet friends.
I can’t live without:
My Blackberry and Oyster card – they get me everywhere!
Ems, or Bunje because of my unusual surname!
Designer/brand I wear:
I tend to wear a lot of Topshop/Urban Outfitters style clothing (an obvious choice I know!)
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
I love Miu Miu and I’ve always wanted a big pair of Channel or Gucci sunglasses.
Place I need to visit:
I would love to visit Thailand; a few of my friends have been travelling there and said it’s amazing! I would also love to go to shopping and site seeing in New York!
My friends would describe me as:
Blonde– I don’t know whether that’s a good thing…
Handbag essential:
Again my phone and oyster card, but I would never go to a job without my A-Z! I also take my iPod everywhere.
Best thing about the industry:
The best thing is the clothes, and having your hair and makeup done in a completely different style every time. I also like the thrill of being sent on a job and never really knowing what to expect, or who you’re going to meet.
Worst thing about the industry:
Everything is a little too last minute, the last minute planning and changing gets a bit confusing! It’s also hard when you don’t get optioned for a job you really wanted.
If I wasn’t modelling I would
Be in the police force. I would really love to be a detective, so I would need to work my way through the force!


As a model your first ever polaroids are a terrifying experience...usually the first photos ever taken and the start of a modelling career. Many jobs have been booked off the humble first polaroid and have aways played a major part in the casting/booking proceedure...
SO when we stumbled across these gems of a certain Miss Lilah Parsons, aged 16 we couldnt help but say 'awwwwww...'! You can see just why our girl is such a success...aged 16 she was already a superstar