Friday, 29 June 2012


ITS FRIDAY BLOGGERS! And at Profile HQ this means one thing.....just a little bit of Friday madness.... this afternoon find; glasses with attached moustache has provided us with hours of entertainment...check out booker Sam with the gorgeous Yasmin..

Thursday, 28 June 2012


 While team Profile sit sweating at our desks in this heatwave its always nice to see our girlies can handle the heat! We dragged the gorgeous Aimee in to see us today for a polaroid update....and oh my doesnt she look gorgeous!


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


They are finally here! We have been super super excited to see these shots from our epic new faces shoot with the amazing photographer Cameron James Wilson...and boy are we not disappointed! Blogger meet the cream of our new faces board, April, Ellie M, Ella, Flo and Bobbie Lee....all Brit girls who are ready to be released into the world of modelling...good luck girls!


Who says models are just a pretty face? Our gorgeous Sonoya is not only a super gorgeous model but a full time ballerina and is featued in the latest copy of weekend glossy You Magazine... loving the pose!


Superstar alert! Once in a while a girl comes along and you just know she is going to be huge...from the very first polaroids we took in the agency its been clear to use Marieke is destined for great things.
All we have to say is watch this face! Check out this stunning shoot with the fabulous Luc Coiffait...need we say more?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Lovely Lou Lou recently shot for super cool online retailer BENGT fashion and we love these sneaky behind the scenes shots...we'd recognise that signature bob anywhere!


Where were you scouted?
A Scout found me on the net.
Favourite thing about London?
I love London for the kindness of people, when I lost my wallet, even strangers wanted  help me and  try to give me some money , it’s so touching =)
Modelling dream?
I want to work with best of the best photographers, brands, designers.
Model you most admire?
Kate Moss 
Describe your off duty look
casual, comfortable.
Ideal day off:
With my big family!
I cant live without:
Family, friends, books, skype, sweets.
Sanaya or Polinaproto
Designer/brand I wear:
it is impossible to wear only designers clothes - mass market rules! =)
Place I need to visit:
TIBET. my big dream
My friends would describe me as:
Just Polina 
Handbag essential:
MY BOOK a high heel. thats all and Im ready! =)
Best thing about the industry:
You are always surrounded by interesting, beautiful and talented people
Worst thing about the industry:
You are always too far away from family, friends and relatives.
If I wasn’t modelling I would
No idea… But first thing - I'll cut my hair!


Sometimes you just know when a girls going to be a superstar.... and this is definitely going to be the case with the gorgeous Bobbie Lee, who on a recent test shoot, transformed into a young Linda Evangelista before our eyes! Our Irish beauty is just at the beginning of what is set to be an amazing modelling career and we cant wait!

Monday, 25 June 2012


Where were you scouted?
Back home in New Zealand! Every year my neighbourhood has a festival in the local park. One year I was walking around with my friends, looking at the stalls and enjoying the sunshine, when I was approached by a lady from a local agency. I hadn’t seriously considered modelling beforehand, but I decided to give it a go and signed with the fantastic 62 Models in Auckland. I never regretted it!
Favourite thing about London?
London is like this incredible cultural epicentre, it’s so close to so many countries and everyone seems to pass through here at some stage in their life - it’s amazing how many accents you hear wandering around the city.
Modelling dream?
The more traveling I can do the better! I would love to book a campaign in Italy or Greece - somewhere warm and by the sea.
Model you most admire?
I love my gap-toothed girls! Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Jessica Hart. 
Describe your off duty look:
Colourful and comfy. 
Ideal day off:
Definitely somewhere abroad with my friends, where I could wake up to the sound of the ocean. The rest of the day would be really spontaneous - the best things happen when you don’t plan them:)
I can't live without:
My friends and family. They are my rocks. 
Pretty much anything starting with a Z... Zed, Zo, Zozo, Zobo, the list goes on haha. 
Designer/brand I wear:
I like to mix and match old and new. I spend a lot of time in vintage/thrift stores looking for cheap treasures, but some of my favourite pieces of clothing are also from stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, and NZ designers Ruby and Karen Walker.
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Tu meke... 
Place I need to visit:
Everywhere. If I could, I would spend my life traveling the world. However, seeing as I’m in London, Europe seems a good place to start!
My friends would describe me as:
Indecisive. I’m terrible, I can spend hours weighing up pros and cons, haha.
Handbag essential:
My iPhone. Google maps is my saviour. 
Best thing about the industry:
Every day is different and exciting. You get to work with so many incredibly creative people. It’s the best feeling when you are part of a strong team, which has the perfect meeting of minds to create something new and innovative.
Worst thing about the industry:
When I was younger it was the rejection, but you begin to realise that it’s not personal and you learn resilience, which is a really important quality inside and outside the industry. 
If I wasn't modelling I would:
I’d love to go to university at some stage, but I haven’t settled on what to study, there are too many things I am interested in - I’m hoping I have an epiphany in the next few years! 


Another weekend...another test shoot! Here at Profile we are always trying to make the most of our amazing new faces board and if, due to school they can only work at weekends....we accommodate! Saturday saw an army of Profile development girlies descending on Lemonade Factory studios in London for a marathon test shoot day...with new faces booker Simone behind the camera, we know these shots are going to turn out amazing!
Check out these natural polas we took while the girls were waiting for their moment on set....

Friday, 22 June 2012


 Say cheese ladies! Here at Profile we never miss a branding opportunity.....check out our super cute new Profile iPhone covers, the latest must have accessory for our models!


  With that perfect mix of cute and sexy, our latest signing Maria is truly one to watch.... with a face and body like that its no surprise that this hottie is originally from the land of beautiful people, Brazil.
Currently working over in Paris, the lovely Maria will be jumping on that Eurostar very soon

Thursday, 21 June 2012


 How about this for a face made for beauty?! Check out the BEAUTYful Ciara in this shoot for MAC cosmetics....LOVING those freckles!


New in town alert! London is clearly the place to be this Summer as we have a stream of girlies jetting in this the latest, Lidija from Serbia and Ivana from Croatia....
Both of these stunners will be joining us in town over the next couple of days and we cant wait to get our hands on them! Keep posted for new polas!



Tuesday, 19 June 2012


How i was discovered:
I basically followed the steps of my older sister Valeria Z who was a model. She helped me getting an agent back in Moscow
Favorite thing about London:
I love London for its weather. Not!! Favorite thing about London is vintage shopping,big choice of healthy/organic little shops/markets, its parks and underground parties in secret locations with an amazing tunes
Modelling dream:
 I would love to become the face of a big make up company... is it too ambitious? :)
Model I most admire?:
"from back in a day" supermodel-Stephanie Seymour. and in "now" i adore curvy Crystal Renn! and super beauty Magdalena Frackowiak
My off duty look:
Ssimple. skinny jeans,leather jacket over a shirt and my vintage Chanel backpack
Ideal day off would be:
 Wake up late,have lunch at home cooked by my boyfriend followed by a walk/shopping which will last till pre-dinner drinks with friends and a little dance at our local spot
I cant live without:
Vika, Vic, my boyfriend calls me Vikirikia ( italian cute way of saying Vicky)
Designer/brand i wear:
I like to mix high street brands with high end. I splurge on handbags,shoes,leather jackets, sunglasses and mix it all with high street labels.
My favorite brands are:
Acne, Helmut Lang, Neil Barrett, Bottega Veneta, Givency, Miu Miu, Louboutin, Persol and Superretrofuture sunglasses, Alexander Wang, TopShop, Urban Outfitters ,Uniqlo, Joe's Jeans, GAP, American Apparel, Alexander McQueen gowns!
Places i need to visit:
Bali, Buenos Aires, Madagascar,Hawaii and lots more!!!!!
My friends would describe me as:
Loyal,straight forward,reliable,focused,relaxed ( even thou i disagree on this one. i feel i am quite anxious),funny,silly since i like silly jokes and act stupid...sometimes ;)
Handbag essentials:
bottle of water,powder,lip balm,hand cream,band aids,small bottle of dry shampoo iphone,credit cards
Best thing about the industry:
Meeting new fun talented, exciting creative and inspiring people full of ideas and stories, experience and advises. Also,of course traveling the world is an amazing part of my job
Worst thing about the industry: 
When people you meet turn out to be boring and plain,ordinary and full of themselves
If i wasnt modelling?
i'd be probably a housewife living in a little boring town in Russia called Khimki,married at 18 years old with my schoolmate who is a factory worker or a local drunk (ahahha) and having 5 kids...And trust me i ll be still happy


 Bridal shoots are not usually at the top of our list for editorials to shout about... but how gorgeous is this story for 'you and your wedding' magazine, featuring the beautiful Magda? Shot on location in China, these dresses may look slightly out of place at an English church wedding....but we would totally rock the shorter ones on a Saturday night out!


 Oh lala Lianna....we are loving this divine black and white story shot by the fabulous Kayti Peschke. Cute, quirky but with a dash of French sophistication, we think Lianna looks simply perfect!


Total perfection....thats all we can say about these new polaroids of the simply stunning Victoria Z, who has just touched down in London town...A Russian blonde with a tan, what a combination!