Tuesday, 19 June 2012


How i was discovered:
I basically followed the steps of my older sister Valeria Z who was a model. She helped me getting an agent back in Moscow
Favorite thing about London:
I love London for its weather. Not!! Favorite thing about London is vintage shopping,big choice of healthy/organic little shops/markets, its parks and underground parties in secret locations with an amazing tunes
Modelling dream:
 I would love to become the face of a big make up company... is it too ambitious? :)
Model I most admire?:
"from back in a day" supermodel-Stephanie Seymour. and in "now" i adore curvy Crystal Renn! and super beauty Magdalena Frackowiak
My off duty look:
Ssimple. skinny jeans,leather jacket over a shirt and my vintage Chanel backpack
Ideal day off would be:
 Wake up late,have lunch at home cooked by my boyfriend followed by a walk/shopping which will last till pre-dinner drinks with friends and a little dance at our local spot
I cant live without:
Vika, Vic, my boyfriend calls me Vikirikia ( italian cute way of saying Vicky)
Designer/brand i wear:
I like to mix high street brands with high end. I splurge on handbags,shoes,leather jackets, sunglasses and mix it all with high street labels.
My favorite brands are:
Acne, Helmut Lang, Neil Barrett, Bottega Veneta, Givency, Miu Miu, Louboutin, Persol and Superretrofuture sunglasses, Alexander Wang, TopShop, Urban Outfitters ,Uniqlo, Joe's Jeans, GAP, American Apparel, Alexander McQueen gowns!
Places i need to visit:
Bali, Buenos Aires, Madagascar,Hawaii and lots more!!!!!
My friends would describe me as:
Loyal,straight forward,reliable,focused,relaxed ( even thou i disagree on this one. i feel i am quite anxious),funny,silly since i like silly jokes and act stupid...sometimes ;)
Handbag essentials:
bottle of water,powder,lip balm,hand cream,band aids,small bottle of dry shampoo iphone,credit cards
Best thing about the industry:
Meeting new fun talented, exciting creative and inspiring people full of ideas and stories, experience and advises. Also,of course traveling the world is an amazing part of my job
Worst thing about the industry: 
When people you meet turn out to be boring and plain,ordinary and full of themselves
If i wasnt modelling?
i'd be probably a housewife living in a little boring town in Russia called Khimki,married at 18 years old with my schoolmate who is a factory worker or a local drunk (ahahha) and having 5 kids...And trust me i ll be still happy

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