Thursday, 31 May 2012


Tatjana for Volt

New favourite photog alert! Here at Profile we are always up for supporting up and coming talents and we just cant get enough of the super amazing Luc Coiffait... with a client list that already includes the likes of Vogue, Ponystep, Stylist and Hunger Magazine we are delighted to be working with him.


How about this for a face made for beauty! Meet our latest signing Arielle....with a heritage that ranges from Indian, to Nigerian to Irish this girl has inherited some simply spectacular genes!


Where were you scouted?
I was scouted at Hunstanton Tennis Tournament, last summer
Favourite thing about London?
Either the shops, or the underground. You always see really interesting people on the tube! Last time, I saw a massive group of people all dressed up as Harry Potter characters..
Modelling dream?
To go abroad for a big shoot, or to go to Paris or any of the big fashion weeks!
Model you most admire?
Claudia Schiffer, because she still finished all her studies before modelling – living proof that models can be clever!
Describe your off duty look
Simply jeans, t shirt and a baggy jumper… Or short shorts! (it is summer, after all…)
Ideal day off:
Definitely at the beach, with a good book. But considering we live in England, curled up on the couch with my music and a book is perfect too
God there are so many! Meeki, Marrakech, Kiki, Mazzy, Marek… The list goes on!
Designer/brand I wear:
I don’t wear many brands, I more a high street gal ;) But I do own a wicked pair of bright orange jeans from Jaeger!
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Louboutins, definitely! They’re just so… phwoaar
Place I need to visit:
Paris. The fact that I was going to move to France 2 years ago, but I’ve never been to Paris! It’s appalling. And I also want to go back to the States
My friends would describe me as:
Crazy, loud, outgoing, LOUD... And loud again!
Handbag essential:
A bottle of water, my phone (I know I shouldn’t be, but I really am addicted to it) and lipbalm!
Best thing about the industry:
The amazing people I get to meet!
Worst thing about the industry:
Early mornings? Haven’t experienced too many of those so far though
If I wasn’t modelling I would
I’d be training to become an editor or publiscist. I want to find the next Harry Potter!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Oh should have seen our faces when these shots hit our inbox! How unbelievable do our new girls look in this spectacular group shot, taken by Cameron James Wilson at Bridge Creative Studios
Its hard to believe this crop of British beauties are all super new to the industry...this being one of their first shoots. With a long Summer holiday coming up where most of these girlies will be full time and LFW approaching we are getting very excited!


 Not one, not two...but three Profile girlies star in this whimsical, floaty lookbook for super cool online retailer three floor fashion. Check out these exquisite shots of Elin & Jutta looking picture perfect in the latest explaination for the moths but we LOVE!


Its grad show casting time in the agency! Profile HQ is littered with leggy models (we like to remain seated in the midst of all this!) and we couldnt resist taking a few cheeky snaps of our girls chilling out pre casting....legs ahoy!


 Where were you scouted?
A friend of mine who's also a model persuaded me to continue modelling and took me in to see the agency 
Favourite thing about London?
There is so much culture and so many different places to explore!
Modelling dream?
A Perfume campaign!
Model you most admire?
Freja Beha Erichsen
Describe your off duty look
Depends on my mood but if i can't be bothered to dress up i'd go with a plain loose shirt paired with a flowy skirt or ripped jeans and my converse 
Ideal day off:
Finding a new restaurant or cafe to try out with friends
 I cant live without:
Friends, my mom, and sadly my phone
I have so many....yoda, yodes, yodie, landi..the list goes on forever
 Designer/brand I wear:
Marc Jacobs
 Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Celine, i've had my eye on a Celine luggage bag for a while now!
Place I need to visit:
Maldives, Fiji, The Bahamas, anywhere with an amazing beach
 My friends would describe me as:
I had to ask my friends about this one and they all agreed on cheerful and outgoing. How nice of them haha
Handbag essential:
Hand sanitizer, my phone, and my card pouch! Can't go anywhere without your oyster and credit card!
Best thing about the industry:
Definitely getting to meet so many different people 
Worst thing about the industry:
Getting lost trying to get to castings..or maybe thats just me and my love/hate relationship with google maps
If I wasn’t modelling I would
Probably be going back to university or traveling to visit my friends everywhere else in the world

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Oh my check out little miss Bobbie Lee....someones growing up infront of our very eyes! Yet another shot from the fabulous Cameron James Wilson is being passed around the booking desk and we're in love love love!


 Wow....just wow...the more shots that hit our inbox from our Sunday shoot the more excited we get about our new faces! Girl of the moment April looks simply spectacular against the London skyline...shot by our new favourite photographer Cameron james Wilson.... April you better be prepared for those editorials to start rolling in!


Hey there sunshine! Super newbie Tallulah looks cute as a button in this recent test shoot, shot by Natalia Salminen
A few more months to go before this little beauty turns 16 so keep posted!

Monday, 28 May 2012

HEY THERE PRETTY POLINA! Polina Protodyakonova (no we cant pronounce it either!)....the latest girl to be joining us in town in the near future and with a name like that you can guess that shes from Russia! Theres no doubt this girl is going to be one busy bee!


Oh this is fun....we love this colour popping beauty story for 156 magazine starring Anne V & Lakiza... sporting some kind of colourful, sexy mermaid looks! For the full story have a little look at the 156 website


Ahhh Harrods..not only our payday shopping mecca but also the home of the super stylish Harrods Magazine who recently featured our very Lianna on the cover.....We stumbled across this gorgeous video starring the lovely Lianna and our other beautiful girly Anna S, taken while on set with infamous Rankin....simply exquisite!


Errr hello Angelina lips! How super amazing does our Gemma Janes look in this recent test, shot by Natalia Salminen?? With perfect bush baby features and a body to die for...its only a matter of time before those beauty clients start knocking down our door!


We always knew this girl was going to be one to watch....Meet the divine Miss April who will be joining us full time from Summer once she gets those hideous exams out thye way! Check out these new polas we took when she popped in to see us last week....


Ellie M
We couldnt be prouder to be British right its not the Jubilee or Olympics but our mega crop of amazing Brit new faces that have caused this surge in patriotism within Profile HQ.... We gathered some of our strongest, newly scouted girls for a mass agency testshoot at the incredible Bridge Creative Studios
As a location we couldnt ask for anything more....industrial backdrops and a rooftop view that took our breath away...even the car park provided us with a fabulous different location!
Shot by Cameron James Wilson....check out our sneaky behind the scenes pics....just gorgeous!

Bobby Lee

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Ah Summer....for us a time of sweaty morning commutes, sitting at our desks wishing we were out in the sun and the 4pm ice cream dash....for models the opportunity to flash the flesh in some gorgeous outfits only they can pull off! The stunning Natasha come to see us today and we loveeee this daring bare back/floaty skirt combination!


Wow.....all we can say is WHAT A HOTTY! World meet the stunning Ivana S who's portfolio is giving us a serious case of bikini envy! This Croatian stunner is just days away from touching down in London town...clients take note!


 New pola alert! The super cool Ella C popped in on this gorgeous sunny day and we couldnt resist taking some cheeky new polaroids....hey there blue eyes!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Oh my word how impossibly beautiful is this girl? Fresh from a stint in Paris the delectable Frank (yes that is HER name!) joins us in London...and it looks like she has brought the lovely weather with her too! We welcome both with open arms!


Another day....another fabulous test! How exquisite is this behind the scenes shot of the stunning Amy at a recent shoot with Natasha Alipour?? Another newbie with a bright future!


Ok....we know we should never advocate or support the revival of the mullet...but how cool does Julie D look in this campaign for Charles Worthington?! There's no doubting this is a version of the hair crime from the 70s but we have never seen such a chic one!


We cant keep up with the constant flow of work coming in for the gorgeous Alma...honestly this girl just has not stopped working since she got here! We couldnt resist sharing these sneak peek images from a recent test shoot, shot by the amazing Parisa.....sadly our blonde bombshell is leaving us to go home and finish off her exams soon but with a response like this its not going to be long before she's back with us!