Friday, 11 May 2012


 Where were you scouted?
I was on a school trip to the Clothes Show in Birmingham.
Favourite thing about London?
Walking down an average looking street then looking up and seeing beautiful buildings, people need to look up more!
Modelling dream?
To be a successful model really, the cover of Vogue would be amazing, I'd love to do a shoot with Kate Moss but these are dreams were talking about!
Model you most admire?
Kate Moss and Sasha Pivovarova, Kate is such an icon and Sasha's look and attitude are effortless.
Describe your off duty look
Probably a big knitted jumper over a slouchy dress.
Ideal day off:
Walking my 3 dogs in Herefordshire then catching up with a group of friends for dinner.
I cant live without:
My hair bands, when I need something done the hair goes straight up into a top bun.
Popsicle, or my flat mate Holly calls me fruit loop...Don't know why...
Designer/brand I wear:
Burberry but mostly just bits and bobs I pick up, I've had a few good finds from my old dressing up box.
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
More Burberry!
Place I need to visit:
Tokyo, I'd love to see how the culture is so different from ours and spend time in the city and countryside too.
My friends would describe me as:
Probably a bit of an odd ball and fun.
Handbag essential:
Phone charger and chewing gum.
Best thing about the industry:
Meeting people who give you inspiration, travelling and free clothes if you're lucky!
Worst thing about the industry:
There are too many models taking my jobs haha
If I wasn’t modelling I would
Probably be working in Biology, I'm working towards an open university degree at the moment but I actually quite fancy the idea of being a model booker.

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