Thursday, 10 May 2012


Where were you scouted?
I was actually scouted by another model (Katya) in an amateur ballet class in Clapham
Favourite thing about London?
Friendly strangers ( not the creepy ones), and London at night
Modelling dream?
Vogue obviously is right up there but what would make my year (life) would be to do a shoot with animals like the lion cubs in Julianne Moore's  Bulgari campaign... I don't know if they are real but I really hope they are.
Model you most admire?
I have a huge girl-crush on Rosie Huntington-Whitely but career wise it has to be Lara Stone.
Describe your off duty look
Black Skinny Jeans, Underground Creeps and my Neon pink american apparel backpack 
Ideal day off:
Has to be sunny. Have a lie in, sunbathe in the park with my friends, take-away pizzas then go out afterwards
I cant live without:
Ryan Golsing (ha!) and my friends of course
I'm actually Eleonore on my passport so technically Ella is a nickname
Designer/brand I wear:
I can't afford designer (yet!) so most of my clothes come from Urban Outfitters
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Christian Louboutin Shoes! 
Place I need to visit:
Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list so I guess the Arctic
My friends would describe me as:
Funny, loud, excitable, adventurous...
Handbag essential:
My Blackberry!
Best thing about the industry:
Free food on a shoot!
Worst thing about the industry:
Your hair after a job! Or getting lost in the crazy maze that is East London on the way to castings...
If I wasn’t modelling I would
I have no clue! I'm still at school so I'll figure that out later...

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  1. I am so glad you doing so well! Ohhh well i knew you ll do well from first time I saw you! x