Tuesday, 22 May 2012


 Where were you scouted?
In Covent Garden by Simone (thats one of our bookers!)
Favourite thing about London?
The busy-ness (is that a word) and all the bright lights !
Modelling dream?
Hmm i think shooting a music video with a band i love or something would be sweet!
Model you most admire?
Abbey Lee Kershaw seems cool
Describe your off duty look
Sort of varies with the weather! but i like my little black leather jacket
Ideal day off:
Probably just lazing about with friends eating and watching tv
I cant live without:
My bed
Mainly Gem. but my brother calls me jeff the chef because i always make him food
Designer/brand I wear:
American Apparel and topshop
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
I wish i could own every alexander wang t shirt
Place I need to visit:
New York!My friends would describe me as:
Idon't know! hopefully something nice!
Handbag essential:
An umbrella
Best thing about the industry:
The cool people and places you end up in
Worst thing about the industry:
Castings and getting lost
If I wasn’t modelling I would
Be mourning my awful a levels !

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