Tuesday, 15 May 2012


 Where were you scouted?
Big Chill Festival last year
Favourite thing about London?
The shops and how big it is!
Modelling dream?
To do a shoot with Robert Perovich!!! (He's so hot!!!)
Model you most admire?
Alexa Chung, she has the nicest clothes!
Describe your off duty look
Anything I can find, normally a big shirt, jeans and converse
Ideal day off:
Highly variable, but would definitely have to start with a full english!
I cant live without:
My Mini!!!
appy/paps/any variation on april
Designer/brand I wear:
Mainly Urban Outfitters sadly
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Burberry or Chanel
Place I need to visit:
Venice, I really want to go on a gondola and ride around on a canal all day
My friends would describe me as:
Good-willed (according to my boyfriend!! haha!) but grumpy according to everyone else
Handbag essential:
Lipbalm and my phone, wish I wasn't, but I am completely addicted to it
Best thing about the industry:
Opportunities you wouldn't necessarily get from other industries, like travelling and meeting interesting people
Worst thing about the industry:
Early mornings!
If I wasn’t modelling I would
Hopefully working in journalism

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