Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Where were you scouted?
My friend is a photographer and took some shots of me. He sent them through to an agent in Sydney, and I was lucky enough to get great management through this.
Favourite thing about London?
Getting lost in the concrete jungle maze and finding my way home without a map.
Modelling dream?
I like doing different things all the time, I would love to be doing editorial and runway here and in Paris and just working hard every day to make my dream reality
 Model you most admire?
Betty Page, she had such a huge influence on sex and pop culture in the 50's before the sexual revolution.
 Describe your off duty look
Black, layered, textured
 Ideal day off:
Eating bacon and eggs, drinking coffee all day, talking to my dogs on Skype, researching about extra-terrestrials and the illuminati, walking around, people watching
I can’t live without:
a pair of boots I bought 4 years ago that are falling apart
everyone calls me Lou Lou
 Designer/brand I wear:
my friend and I in australia make a lot of our clothes so other than black jeans/flares I only really wear the leather/velvet/lace pieces we make.
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
if I could just have access to a leather factory I wouldn't want to afford designer clothes, I'd just make stuff to wear.
Place I need to visit:
the moon
My friends would describe me as: 
gypsy girl daydreamer
 Handbag essential:
money for coffee
Best thing about the industry:
working with a diverse group of artists to create magical moments in front of camera and on the runway. i came to london to do more interesting projects, and i love the spontaniety of my day to day call sheets
Worst thing about the industry:
Not being able to have the time or responsibility to have a dog
If I wasn’t modelling I would be
Picking flowers and playing with dogs

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