Monday, 25 June 2012


Where were you scouted?
Back home in New Zealand! Every year my neighbourhood has a festival in the local park. One year I was walking around with my friends, looking at the stalls and enjoying the sunshine, when I was approached by a lady from a local agency. I hadn’t seriously considered modelling beforehand, but I decided to give it a go and signed with the fantastic 62 Models in Auckland. I never regretted it!
Favourite thing about London?
London is like this incredible cultural epicentre, it’s so close to so many countries and everyone seems to pass through here at some stage in their life - it’s amazing how many accents you hear wandering around the city.
Modelling dream?
The more traveling I can do the better! I would love to book a campaign in Italy or Greece - somewhere warm and by the sea.
Model you most admire?
I love my gap-toothed girls! Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Jessica Hart. 
Describe your off duty look:
Colourful and comfy. 
Ideal day off:
Definitely somewhere abroad with my friends, where I could wake up to the sound of the ocean. The rest of the day would be really spontaneous - the best things happen when you don’t plan them:)
I can't live without:
My friends and family. They are my rocks. 
Pretty much anything starting with a Z... Zed, Zo, Zozo, Zobo, the list goes on haha. 
Designer/brand I wear:
I like to mix and match old and new. I spend a lot of time in vintage/thrift stores looking for cheap treasures, but some of my favourite pieces of clothing are also from stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, and NZ designers Ruby and Karen Walker.
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Tu meke... 
Place I need to visit:
Everywhere. If I could, I would spend my life traveling the world. However, seeing as I’m in London, Europe seems a good place to start!
My friends would describe me as:
Indecisive. I’m terrible, I can spend hours weighing up pros and cons, haha.
Handbag essential:
My iPhone. Google maps is my saviour. 
Best thing about the industry:
Every day is different and exciting. You get to work with so many incredibly creative people. It’s the best feeling when you are part of a strong team, which has the perfect meeting of minds to create something new and innovative.
Worst thing about the industry:
When I was younger it was the rejection, but you begin to realise that it’s not personal and you learn resilience, which is a really important quality inside and outside the industry. 
If I wasn't modelling I would:
I’d love to go to university at some stage, but I haven’t settled on what to study, there are too many things I am interested in - I’m hoping I have an epiphany in the next few years! 

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