Tuesday, 28 August 2012


After weeks of hints and speculation we can finally reveal what our resident super model, Miss Lilah Parsons has been up to... Looks like we have a new celebrity TV star on our books as the lovely Lilah is set to star in the latest reality show offering from ITV2...wait for it.... Top Dog Model (well come on...being Lilah it was never going to be something boring and ordinary!). The show launches next Wednesday night (so reserve your spot on the sofa and set you tv to RECORD SERIES) and we can hardly wait...we know our girl is going to be fab and on a serious note, with her years of experience, impressive body of work and eye for talent she will make an excellent judge. Here's a little interview with the girl herself to get you in the mood!
 Lilah in a fabulous French Connection dress
Are you excited about your role on the judging panel?
I am so excited, I think it is a great opportunity and it is so fun, I have been having such a good time.
Do you own a dog yourself?
Yes, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Betty. At first I thought that she would win if she was in the show, but then the more the competition continues I realise the dogs have to do a bit more than just look pretty.
What’s the best thing you have seen from the dogs so far?
I don’t know where to start, it’s just been amazing, the things we have seen the dogs do, they have painted, done yoga and swam just to name a few.
What are you looking for from the dogs?
I think the winner needs to be more than just an all round model. I think it needs to be a dog that makes you get excited and makes you stop and stare, and when you see a picture of that dog, you look at it and say ‘wow’.
How has the standard been for talent?
It’s been really good, we did see some amazing tricks in the auditions. Sometimes the dogs and owners were worried more about the tricks than the dog looking like a model. This is a modelling competition and they need to have the behaviour of a model and that is the goal at the end of the day. We saw people in the auditions bringing dogs on skateboards and playing the piano but then they didn’t photograph very well. That was hard because we felt so bad because we didn’t really feel like they were right for our competition.
What’s been the highlight so far when you have been filming?
The underwater swimming was just hilarious but I loved the television advertsiment challenge. When I heard they were doing a tv ad I just thought this is going to be a disaster, I just couldn’t imagine it but I laughed so much. Each dog had to play a character and it was all about the way the dog looked at the camera and how they interacted with the actress. The challenges are pretty difficult and testing for the dogs and a lot of the things are harder than you would imagine.
What’s it been like working with Stacey and Addison?
Oh it’s been great, we all get on so well. We all met on the first day and we have just been laughing ever since.

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