Monday, 23 April 2012


1.Where were you scouted?
Reading festival 2009
2.Favourite thing about London?
 The food
3.Modelling dream?
To be shot by Ellen Von unworth 
4.Model you most admire?
 Abbey lee 
5.Describe your off duty look:
 huge baggy jumper, tights and DMs
6.Ideal day off:
drinking cider on Brighton beach
7.I cant live without:
9.Designer/brand I wear:
eBay and Topshop are my main sources for clothes
10.Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
missoni, chanel, mulberry...
11.Place I need to visit:
a luxury spa
12.My friends would describe me as:
a sweet tooth 
13.Handbag essential:
14.Best thing about the industry:
 its no ordinary 9-5
15.Worst thing about the industry:
last minute plan changes 
16.If I wasn’t modelling I would be:
traveling the world with my friends

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