Friday, 27 April 2012


Where were you scouted?
I was scouted in convent garden by simone last summer when I was shopping with a friend who's also called sophie.
Favourite thing about London?
the people here, and how easy it is to quickly meet up with friends. I used to live in the country so it would take a half hour by car to see anyone.
Modelling dream?
 I watch all the 'next top model' programmes and always secretly wanted to try it myself but was apprehensive about the industry being too tough and competitive. The first time I was scouted by Storm I had braces and just didn't have the confidence to do it but I'm hoping when I finish school I've be able to pursue it.
Model you most admire?
I love Lily Cole, I think she's so unique looking and I admire how she keeps up with her studies aswell as modelling and acting.
Describe your off duty look
I don't really have a look, its more like what mood I'm in that day or who I'm seeing. I have a lot of florals and denim during the day.
Ideal day off:
I've always wanted to go to a spa!
I cant live without:
My phone
My name is hard to come up with a nickname for, I have a few like oons, io, una, but when I younger I could never pronounce my name and would always say oona so my entire family call me oonie and its just stuck with me.
Designer/brand I wear
I stick to the highstreet but my favourite shop is urban outfitters.
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Ever since I saw Paloma faith in concert I've really wanted some louboutins.
Place I need to visit:
New york and australia
My friends would describe me as:
All ways happy but takes far too long getting ready
Handbag essential:
Lipbalm, I have about 8 carmexs somehow
Best thing about the industry:
 I haven't had much modelling experience yet as I've been at school but especially at profile everyone seems so friendly, not intimidating at all. And the few shoots I've done I've really enjoyed and the photographers are really polite and easy going.
Worst thing about the industry:
Travelling for an hour or so to a casting and only staying for a second being told you're not what they're looking for, but its just a part of modelling and how you get a job.
If I wasn’t modelling I would be:
I'm still in school, but I'll probably end up being an illustrator.

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