Friday, 6 July 2012


Where were you scouted?
I was scouted on the bus on my way to Oxford street with my friend on the hunt for a birthday outfit for her party the next day.
Favourite thing about London?
My favourite thing about London would have to be that there is so much to do so it is impossible to ever get bored, and i also love the atmosphere at night.
Modelling dream?
My modelling dream is to be successful of course but i would like to do a big campaign or feature in vogue, that would be amazing!
Model you most admire?
Kate Moss, Lily Cole & Leomie Anderson (I only recently became a fan of Leomie's after watching 'The model agency' on channel 4! She is stunning and has done so well for herself.)
Describe your off duty look
my off duty look would be a pair of my Vans, along with a vest top and a casual comfy cardigan.
Ideal day off: would be relaxing on the sofa watching a film with some chocolate! MMMMmmm...
I cant live without:
i cant live without my blackberry and chocolate, i have real bad addictions!
Nickname: Amy (as my name is actually Amymay), Aims, my friends call me Yamyma (my name backwards.. dont ask, ahahaha)
Designer/brand I wear:
Ummmm.. Im really into high street fashion so i don't really wear any designer clothes *Blushes*
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Definitely Christian Louboutin's! i want a pair so badly :( other than that i like Stella Mcartney and Alexandra Mqueen.
Place I need to visit:
BORA BORA! its so beautiful there, my dream holiday!
My friends would describe me as:
Loud, crazy (in a good way), energetic, comical, talkative, bubbly and fun, the list can go on! haha
Handbag essential:
Blackberry, chewing gum, oyster, hairbrush, mirror and carmex lip balm!
Best thing about the industry:
the new people you get to meet at every shoot and the atmosphere among working with them.
Worst thing about the industry:
travelling around trying to find the locations, luckily enough im quite talented with direction 
If I wasn’t modelling I would
probably be just enjoying my holidays, getting a job and just having fun then starting sixth form in September.

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