Friday, 27 July 2012


Where were you scouted?
Photography has always been a big passion in my life, i was drawn to the art but then decided to try being the subject; popped into the agency with some photos and got signed.
Favourite thing about London?
London is such a multicultural city, where creativity flourishes. I love the quirky cafes, bars and all the art galleries
Modelling dream?
Big campaign, to get great exposure. Just stay busy and keep creating!
Model you most admire?
I have many colleagues/friends who I really admire and look up to! Lou Lou and Tatjana are two of them!Describe your off duty look
Comfy, layered, big floppy hats!
Ideal day off: See new places, even if they're just around the corner, try new things, spend time with friends and family.
I cant live without: Music!
My parents have always called me Nicki-Pippi thanks to the nappy I wore as a child...!
Designer/brand I wear:
I tend to visit Zara and Urban Outfitters a bit too often. I like to mix with lots of vintage!
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
I wish I could design my own clothes.
Place I need to visit:
I have always wanted to travel from Russia to China on the Trans-Siberian Railway!
My friends would describe me as:
Probably with words such as spontaneous and energetic.
Handbag essential:
When I'm in London: an umbrella...
Best thing about the industry:
All enthusiastic, creative and amazing people I get to meet
Worst thing about the industry:
Last minute plan changes, backcombing + hair spray...?
If I wasn’t modelling
I would Write children's book

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