Monday, 9 July 2012


Where were you scouted?
I had a 16th birthday party that went awry and ended up in a lot of newspapers, along with some pictures of me, which is how i was scouted. Lol. 
Favorite thing about London?
There’s nothing you can’t do!
Modelling dream?
Vogue. i-D. A big campaign.
And i’ve secretly always wanted to be a Rimmel Girl. “Get the London look”
Model you most admire?
Kate Moss. She’s beautiful, she’s cool she’s everything.
And Lindsey Wixson…… those LIPS!
Describe your off duty look
Black jeans, black vest, black boots.
Ideal day off:
Getting lots of sleep. Going to a market, any kind, I love them! Seeing friends and then maybe cocktails in the evening.
I cant live without:
Jojoba oil and tea
My friends back in Brighton called me Ginge. My boyfriend calls me Grub because I’m messy
Designer/brand I wear:
Acne. American Apparel for basics, and I have a couple of things from Celine, which is my favorite brand.
Designer/brand I wish I could wear/afford!:
Celine is so sexy, and I want a puffer jacket from Alexander Wang.
Place I need to visit:
I’ve been to New York before so can that count? It’s so much fun!
And I’d really like to see Chichen Itza in Mexico.
My friends would describe me as:
I hope they’d say I’m a delightful sort of person!
Handbag essential:
Lucas Paw Paw and iPhone
Best thing about the industry:
Getting to dress up in the most beautiful clothes and work with some amazing and creative people. Your always doing something different and working with different people in a different place, I hate monotony.
Worst thing about the industry:
Getting a casting or option for a job you really want and then not getting it.
if I wasn’t modelling I would
definitely not own an extensive collection of weird beige g-strings

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